So begins the first program I write in every programming language I’ve ever learned, and so begins this post, this blog, and this new venture.

Hello World.

It’s especially fitting as the inception of a travel blog because it makes sense in so many different ways. Firstly, I am introducing myself. I’m also hoping that this would serve as a call to action for me and hopefully for my yet nonexistent readers to get out and travel more.

Before we get too far, Yes, I ramble. Posts are long. 95% of the words you read are filler and probably not necessary content-wise; It’s a bad habit I picked up writing essays in university. Ask me when you get confused. Comments are welcome. Trolls will be prayed for and blocked, in that order.

A little bit about Myself

♫ “Me, a name, I call myself…” ♫

I’ve always hated the “about me” sections of a profile because I never know what to write. Is it even possible to distill a person into a paragraph? Can you really get to know a person with descriptions alone? Nevertheless, I’ve learned through experience that leaving such a section blank always spells disaster. “Friends” may fill in the section for you as a practical joke. Certain Asian parents who resemble large, mean looking species of jungle-inhabiting cats could use the empty space as an opportunity to educate you and further their own agenda. Worse yet, you could be honest and find out that you really don’t know yourself that well after all.

So despite the difficulty, I shall attempt to crystallize me into paragraphs. Bottles of this stuff will soon be on sale, price on request.

See the result here

Why VeryLongDelay?

It’s a strange name for a travel blog, isn’t it?

It’s the one thing that travellers everywhere experience that is completely beyond one’s control. It is perhaps the biggest inconvenience for me after losing my passport. This blog is titled this way because we encounter delay in everything we do, and a small part of me still believes naïvely that lightning will not strike twice: if you encounter it here, you are less likely to encounter it when it actually hinders you.

For me, it means so much more. It cements the fact that I had this name for three years before putting it to use. (There’s a great story about this for another time.) I also hope to find and fall in love with somewhere that I would willingly endure a very long delay for. One thing it hopefully won’t be is the time you have to wait for new content!

One thing I truly believe is that you should travel every chance you get. Take every opportunity life offers you to explore other places. Don’t deny yourself the privilege of experiencing new things, to live outside your comfort zone, to take in every inch of this world. Go. Just go. Seriously, grab a bag and go. Figure out the details on the road. This blog will still be here when you get back.